Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Something to celebrate today: 100 posts on this blog! I’ve been blogging every day since March 24th skipping only two days: one because of a headache and one because I was out dancing too late and did not have any energy to blog afterwards. I have listed 97 trivia of which one takes up a whole post and two are cartoons. There are two posts in Russian and half a post in Dutch.

As a part of celebration I’ve made a poll (right hand side of this blog). I would be really grateful if you would fill it in! Your answers will help a great deal to keep this blog interesting and blah. Actually, I am simply damn curious! Another part is: I’ve decided abandon the trivia. And that’s good, because I have something new in mind for the next 100 posts.

I’ve noticed that I’ve been re-evaluating all my activities, relationships and plans every day lately. And almost every day I make a different conclusion about what I want and how to proceed. This won’t bring me far. One thing that remained constant is that I want to work in Ukraine related projects. That’s good. I want to do at least one thing a day that will bring me closer to this aim. Which is: networking, networking, networking. Networking is something I recognise as very useful, but do it way too little to truly profit from it. This will be a good exercise.

If you were wondering why I was all of a sudden writing about Odessa – I might go there for my birthday. Someone who plays guitar and whose biceps measure 40cm (mmmmm….) want to show the real Odessa to me. Let’s hope the plan will work out!

Some fun Ukrainian music (have to get used to being more involved with Ukraine now):

Mandry - Orysia

Trivia: my two favourite male body parts are big brain and strong arms.

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