Saturday, 1 August 2009


Last night – dancing as usual. As usual, except someone made a remark about my dancing. The remark was not mean, rude or anything, but it certainly wasn’t a compliment. I got rather upset about it. Afterwards I couldn’t dance quite as well as I usually would. And that got me upset even more. I got the feeling people weren’t asking me to dance because they could see I cannot dance well. Then I was upset even more. And when I got home I got really upset because of being so upset. I was so upset – I didn’t feel like blogging at all! So I’m writing now instead. How can one honest remark get me down like that? Do I get upset every time I hear a non-compliment? Does it matter who makes such a remark? Why am I so dependant on what other people say or think about me? And what does it take to recover? I wanted to go dancing tonight, but somehow I’m not looking forward to it at all! Help!!!!

Timeline: 1985 (25 August) – Samantha Smith died in a plane crash. It was shocking and somehow very surreal.

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