Sunday, 2 August 2009


Train. Rain. Two days and seventeen hours of music on my phone, mostly Russian songs. I will spend another seven hours on the road today. Two days and ten hours will remain unlistened. How did people live before music became portable? Just a few years ago I didn't have this luxury but I can hardly imagine my life without it now. My bag is loaded with all kinds of electronic equipment and corresponding caables: photo camera + usb cable, i-pod + usb cable + usb-electricity adapter, epilator + electricity cable, my old cell phone + electricity cable, little speakers (to play music from i-pod on the train to Odessa and back), my new cell phone + electricity cable + headphones. This is insane! I have an impression all this equipment weighs more than my clothes.

I am travelling from 17 to 27 degrees. Hopefully sun and warmth will help me to get rid of the bad mood from the past days and the melancholy fed by the cold train, raindrops on the window and Russian songs...

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