Saturday, 8 August 2009

Super beauty

I've spent four days watching women in Odessa: open tops, short skirts, very high heels, long hair, nail polish and nice make up. Battalions of beautiful women. I shamelessly turned my head around all the time to follow another extremely short skirt or outrageously high heels. Competition is high. I gave up the second day of our stay in Odessa. I don't have heels that high. I don't wear skirts that short. My hair is short and I seem to have lost my ability to be a woman in the local sense of the word. After thinking a little I realised that I never had this ability in the first place. Cold comfort. When I look at those girls I can't resist a thought that they spend literally ALL their time and (somebody's) money on clothes, shoes, bags and make up. Do they have any brains? It would be a comfortable thought: they are so extremely beautiful, but very stupid. I don't have to compete with them because I am not ugly at all and rather smart and well educated. But that doesn't figure right. There are TOO many of those beauties around. They can't possibly ALL be brainless. At least some must be smart.

I found this picture on the internet. -->
This is an example of an average girl. At least that's my impression.

I am jealous. And confused. Do I want to be like them? Is that even possible? I know I will look silly in all this extremely short and open outfits in the Netherlands. But I'm sure I could make a beauty queen impression with less open clothes too. Why can't I switch to the super beauty mode when I come to Ukraine. I can tell you why: I would have to wear stiletto heels every day to look natural in them. I would need to have a separate wardrobe – a rather expensive hobby. And – most importantly – would that help? I am simply not a super beauty.

Is it about my looks at all?

Timeline: 21 March - 4 April 1986 – Katya Lycheva goes USA. All the newspapers are full of it. She is as old as I am and her visit to America makes a great impression on all children my age. Every Tuesday school started 15 minutes earlier with "politinformatsija" where we had to share news from newspapers. Anyone could be called randomly to report what piece of news he/she selected to share in class. When Katya went to America, ALL of us had prepared that piece. Our teacher was angry. Which was stupid because I think this was the only piece of politics that truly did interest us for once.

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