Monday, 24 August 2009


According to Friendship stats I have 90 friends, 30 less than average. 61% are male, 39% are female. 4 are single, 38 are dating or married. If I contracted a deadly variant of flu, I would likely infect 9 people, 1 of whom would die. When I share something on Facebook, it is typically viewed by 14 people. If I died today, an estimated 345 people would try to attend my funeral. Based on my Facebook profile, I have a 89% probability of getting married. I am likely to earn US$1.8 million and have 2.1 children over my lifetime.

Well these are very comforting results. Especially the funeral part. One of the 90 friends, female, single, went to Greece and all I got was this postcard -->

Dear Sasha, let this year bring you lots of juicy fruits, cool wind and many small pleasures.” Thank you! :)

Timeline: 1989 - I finished the compulsory eight years of secondary school and went to another school for the last two years (compulsory for university). The new school was experimenting. We had different specialisations (I had history), alternative school programme, experimental ways of teaching and no uniform. For the first time in many years going to school became fun.

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