Sunday, 16 August 2009

Burnt by the sun

I finally have “white” bikini signs on my skin. Up until now I was getting my suntan in a solarium. Today I’ve spent several hours on the regular beach with two girlfriends of mine. We really took the time to discuss everything from our future plans to Brazilian wax. I've had a little too much wine and my back is a little too red, but I had a fantastic day!

Not dancing does not do me any good. I can’t wait till the new dancing courses season starts in September. I want to do ballroom, salsa and pole dancing. But there is no way I can do all three of them at the same time. It’s not my intention to fill up all of my free time with dancing. Choices, choices…

Timeline: 28 May 1987 Mathias Rust has illegally landed his airplane on the Red Square. I don’t remember this at all. I don’t think there was much publicity in the Soviet media.


  1. Oh, don't worry! I just stood in the water for two minutes waiting for waves to cover me with water. Water was too cold (especially comparing to the Black Sea) to stay longer. :)


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