Monday, 24 August 2009


¿Hablas español? Haha, nice opening! ;) I was a little anxious about going to Havana on my own tonight. But it worked out just fine: I danced, talked, and had fun.

Some days ago someone in my LinkedIn network has joined the Around2Seas group. Something, I don’t really know what, made me go and check out the group. Around2Seas is a project of two men who decided to visit countries around two seas: Black and Caspian. And if they are going anyway, they thought, they might as well make it a charity project to help fight cancer. I joined the group. It’s not the good cause that made me join. Every year there is at least one person driving, biking, walking or crawling to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan to help, support, cure, well you get the point. I don’t really believe in this kind of projects (that’s a whole different topic, some other time maybe). What made me join is the fact that if the guys want to ride around these two seas, they are going through Russia and Ukraine. And most probably they are going through Saratov as well as through Kiev. Which appeared to be the plan indeed (it’s on their website). Ok. I don’t know the guys. I just know someone who knows one of them and I can’t call the guy I know a close friend either. There are many people going to Ukraine and Russia all the time. I don’t really support the cause. Why the hell did I join the group? It took me two days to figure it all out. I think I know the answer. Those two guys and their journey is a connection. A very weak connection, but still. One of the connections I need to keep me whole. To keep my present connected to my past. To keep my three homes together. To make myself fit into the crowd around me and make the crowd suit me better. And it seems I desperately need to be whole at the moment. So even a weak connection like this will do… I need to figure out where these guys post their pictures.

Timeline: 1989 – don’t laugh!
For the first time in my life my hair is so long that I can make a pony. I remember having a headache at the end of that day because my scalp was not used to hair being held together so tightly.

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