Thursday, 6 August 2009

How to spend four days celebrating your birthday

1. Get a feeling your birthday is special enough to spend several days for its celebration.
2. Take a luxury coach on a night train to Odessa.
3. Explore the city centre.
4. Make photos.
5. Shop.
6. Visit Privoz,the City Zoo, the Dolphinarium (very nice show!).
7. Eat out: fun place to have a cup of tea - Kompot, place to be seen at and have coctails and sushi - Fankoni.
8. Rest.
9. Go to the beach.
10. Take a a luxury coach on a night train back.

It's funny that two weeks of vacation in Kiev passed very fast and didn't feel like a vacation at all. This is the third day in Odessa, I'm relaxed and it feels like ages.

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