Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Married men

Jeroen has sent me this link some time ago (why would he do that? probably inspired by this post of mine). According to two American social psychologists Melissa Burkley and Jessica Parker from the Oklahoma State University single women prefer to “hunt” men who are already “taken”.

My mother always said: don’t date married men. It seems she was right. Today I’ve received a newsletter from Julia Schedrova (she is the president of the women’s club “I want to get married” (!!!) and the author of the “How to get married within two months” book). Julia has asked women to submit their stories about their relationships with married men. She received 254 stories. Only 7 of them ended “happily” where the man had chosen for his lover and not for his wife. The conclusion: girls, never date married men – it’s a waste of your precious time! I’m not even sure you should make an exception for Arnon Grunberg who blogged on the same topic today from a slightly different perspective. ;)

A peace of very good music - Сурганова и Оркестр - Не тобой болеет сердце:

Timeline: 7 December 1988 (a step back, I know) – the earthquake in Spitak. It was such a tragedy! My parents asked me whether I would mind if they adopted an Armenian child. Of course I wouldn’t! Armenians have decided to adopt all the Armenian children themselves, so the plan didn’t work at the end. I was very disappointed.

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