Friday, 14 August 2009

Internet dating and LinkedIn

Leen (director of Sasja and Natasha) has called today. We’ve spent two hours on the phone. We talk once every six months or so, but then we discuss EVERYTHING. Every time we speak one (or both) of us is in a some sort of a relational crisis or adventure. That usually takes a lot of time to discuss. There are some people we both know - need to discuss that too. Today we dedicated at least one hour to two topics: LinkedIn and internet dating. Leen is new to LinkedIn, so I was explaining to him how he can change and update his profile, how to use the current status option, etc. So if you were wondering what our status messages are about: Leen was on the phone with a beautiful woman (=me) and I was giving him a speed course on how to use LinkedIn.

Another topic of today’s conversation was internet dating. Or actually – why I don’t use any dating websites. A pro argument: “Research shows that most chances to meet a serious partner and get a stable relationship in these times are if you use internet dating.” Another pro argument: “Why would you limit your chances to meet a nice man?” One more: “Listen to this profile of a woman I just found. Does she sound like a loser to you?” My contra-arguments were so weak, they are not even worth mentioning here. I had to admit I’m full of prejudices about internet dating. I did have one good argument though. When you meet a person live, you have a lot of room to feel around whether or not you really would like to date this person and whether or not the person you fancy is open to dating. It’s a game where you can use different strategies, be creative and can use your own tricks to make sure you don’t get hurt by a refusal. I love this game! And there is no room for it on a dating website… I think I’ll keep it live for now.

I’m trying to make orange juice paletas. They are in the freezer now, can’t wait till they are frozen!

I have a new bicycle bell. It was about time – with no lights (yeah, still) and no bell biking was getting a little uncomfortable not to say dangerous.

Timeline: beginning of 1987 – Perestroika is moving the country to the next level – small private enterprises start appearing.

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