Friday, 21 August 2009

Green dress

I have this apple green dress from SkunkFunk. I bought it four years ago in Spain and I love it! It’s funky, stylish, fresh, different, you name it. But the last time I wore it was three years ago. Why don’t I wear a dress I love? Several reasons:
1. The weather: some summers simply don’t have enough warm days to wear all my summer outfits. And I mostly wear trousers, because that’s more practical.
2. Believe it or not - it didn’t fit. I was a little too “fat” and it didn’t look nice on the hips.
3. It reminded me of someone I couldn’t be with. So I was avoiding wearing the dress.
Today the weather was perfect for a bright summer dress. And I lost some weight in February, so my SkunkFunk dress fits perfectly again. It still reminds me of that someone with whom I still cannot be. Oh well… I wore it! I had my SkunkFunk dress on today! (I am a big fan of SkunkFunk) And it was good: it matches the colour of my i-pod perfectly and my i-pod fits very well in the front pocket, I had compliments at work and I felt great in general. And memories? Well, they are not that unpleasant…
I danced today for the first time in more than two weeks. It took some time to warm up and I noticed my condition was not on the same level as three weeks ago. But it was very nice. You know, there are men who know what they’re doing. All you have to do is relax and enjoy. Mmmm… I will try to make it to Havana on Sunday – got to keep on dancing.

Timeline: I will skip it for today. No one will notice.


  1. There goes the timeline ...
    Anektdote dissapeared..
    What will be next :P

    Funny green dress

  2. Next? This blog will vanish, probably ;)

  3. Hi Sasja,

    No, do not stop your blog! Even if I do not post comments, I do go and read your posts everyday. And I am sure I am not the only one.

    I like your style, your comments, sometimes I feel like seeing me through your words. But you get definitely more style than me!

    Cheers, Stephanie

  4. Stephanie, you are so sweet!!! I have no intention to stop. It was some sort of a joke :). I will also pick up the timeline again. I was just too tired yesterday to scan the picture :).


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