Tuesday, 25 August 2009


“What if you don’t have any inspiration?” “I just start writing and it comes.” “Wow!..” So here I am. Writing. And no inspiration comes. Not that the three-and-a-half-hour conversation over dinner was boring or uninspiring. On the opposite – I’ve got an energy boost from talking to someone who actually understands me all the way. (Too bad she is not a man.) But somehow I don’t feel like sharing any of it here. Funny, that the couple at the table next to us was speaking Russian too.

I’m still in love with a fairytale, but like this version too:

Timeline: 1989 – At school we learn to read Soviet history books and distinguish between facts and propaganda.


  1. Sorry...for not understanding you all te way!

    (I have two red tomatoes)

  2. Two red tomatoes! I have none yet... :(

  3. Hey, Alexandra :) At least I managed to reach to your blog too. It's very interestng:) I even translated the content to French and practiced my french when i was bored to read in english.
    It's fantastic that you've google translator. but for me, it doesn't work, as i'm writing Goergian and "google translator" me be the advantage of EU countries :D joke.
    You know russian and at school you learned Soviet history.. mmm.. we can freely speak about our soviet "past". (for Georgia is it really past?)

    Sorry for such a long comment.. :)


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