Tuesday, 11 August 2009


I took some time to sort out the photos from Odessa. My heart beats faster when I look at them. I want to go back! Would the coin left in a drawer at the apartment help? I just realised this was the most expensive birthday present I’ve ever got.

A long stop (20 or 30 minutes) on the way to Odessa. We bought warm pelmeni and vareniki from women on the platform.

Great photos! It's a pity I didn't make them. :)

A beach club in Arcadia. Love the disco ball. :)

<-- Doing it all wrong: short hair, long dress, flat sandals.

There are a couple of portraits I would love to share. Well, privacy first…

Timeline: 26 April 1986 – Chernobyl disaster. I was playing outside with a couple of other girls from our house. We were eating dandelion pollen (after we’d discovered it was sweet) and cherry flowers honey.

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