Monday, 17 August 2009

Audio orgasm

Russian internet is the most wild place on the Earth. I’m pretty sure. I was looking for a Russian song. I actually gave up looking and decided to do some work after all, but first clean up all the windows that popped out in the process (yes, I do have a pop-up blocker!). One of the windows had something weird about it, so I started reading… It’s about the so called audio drugs (also called digital drugs, music drugs and I-Doser as I learnt later). What you have to do is download an audio track, listen to it using headphones and enjoy the results. You can download alcohol, cocaine, xtc, the voice of God (!!!!!), orgasm and several more. There is also one called ‘Reset’. You have to use it to get rid of the effects of other audio drugs. For example if you get nauseous of the “Happiness”. Orgasm is the most popular ‘drug’ (at least on that site) and has the most comments. “Cool, it really works!” “Jee, who needs porno!” “Does it also work for women?” (Lazy bastard!!!!) “I understood that I only saw my wife as a sex machine. Now I left her. Thanks to this music! Otherwise I would have been bound to this bitch (and our five kids) for years to come!” Here is one of the websites (there are many more) where you can get your audio orgasm.

And this guy is trying “Alcohol” and comments the process:

Timeline: 2 January 1988 – my little sister Lena dies after a week of pneumonia. I have no picture of her. I have to ask my mother (or see whether I can just steal one).

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