Monday, 17 August 2009

How many shoes?

Yuri Vorontsov claims to be a good friend of Imelda Marcos (in his previous life). I asked him how many pairs of shoes he had. He only learned to count till ten and only using his fingers. Apparently this is enough to be able to pilot a plane. So here’s the conversation we had:
Sasja: “How many times 10 is it?”
Yura: “10 means two hands. Right?”
Sasja: “Yes. So, how many hands would you need to count all your shoes?”
Yura: “Do you want me to count the left ones, the right ones or both?”
Sasja: “Both.”
Yura: “Do you mean "Count both and than divide the result by 2?"”
Sasja: “Yes.”
Yura: “42.”
So, how many pairs of shoes does Yuri have? Post your answers in the comments and maybe I can seduce him into sending you one of his fabulous photographs. ;)

These are my paletas. I need to work on the shape, but the taste is great! Here’s how to make orange juice paletas. You will need:
3 oranges
1 lime
2 table spoons of sugar

1. Get the juice from the fruits.
2. Take half of the pulp, some juice and two tablespoons of sugar and mince this all in a blender.
3. Add the pulp from the blender to the juice and mix well.
4. Pour the juice in the pop form and put it in a freezer for a night.

Is this the answer to my questions?

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  1. well, after reading the conversation, I would say: 2
    The rest probably won't fit together as a pair, just a bunch of left and right shoes :P

  2. Hahaha, this must be the reason he was so reluctunt to tell me how many pairs of shoes he had. ;)
    This will probably not get you a beautiful photograph, though...


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