Monday, 31 May 2010

Travelling on budget

How to get from Duisburg to Utrecht without a train ticket? Pick an ICE to Amsterdam that suits you. If the train is full, go to the board bistro. They have comfortable seats and tables. Sit at a table and relax. In order to stay at your table you will have to buy something to eat or to drink. One tea (EUR 2,90) per person is enough. Drink your tea, and chat with your travel companion. If you haven't got any - read a newspaper or a book. Be genuinely consumed with whatever you're doing. When someone addresses to you with a question in German look up from what you were doing and see whether the person is wearing the DB uniform. Yes? Than probably it's the conductor. "Do you want to see my ticket?" You have to ask this question with a clear doubt in your intonation. "Have you been checked already?" - the conductor will translate his question for you. "Yes" - be sure of what you are saying. You may sound a little surprised, but don't exaggerate. The conductor will walk away and leave you in peace and you can go to Utrecht. Or Amsterdam if you wish.

Processing CDs from Kiev: Nicos - Secret Love

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