Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I was wearing a natural open shoulders longsleeve with a dark greige (or rather aubergine grey) print and a light pinky lilac jacket over the longsleeve. I had my slim fit dark denim Diesel jeans on and a pair of dark cerise shoes. My necklace consisted
of little one-hole buttons in light pink, light turquoise and cerise with brown and sand injections. My task for the day was to 'translate' two colour schemes of about 1200 colours to our own (60 colours) in order to let the products of two other companies land in our new system. While I was doing this I kept on wondering whether nutria and taupe would suit me well, whether I know anyone who wears plomo and whether moss-pink is a wearable combination at all. I discovered that if they talk about egg they mean yellow. I had to smile when I saw blonde in the range of yellows: last weekend my boyfriend's son refused to accept the notion of blonde and told me I had yellow hair (which actually sounded more like a compliment to me, because someone had recognised my hair as blonde rather than red). I had difficulty deciding whether I had to leave lilac in the rose range or move it to purples. What colour is heather? And what about powder? Flash coral? Ocelot camel?!?! Fashion is a very strange business...

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