Sunday, 23 May 2010


Two weeks ago
Me: "You can take 10kg cabin luggage and we have one luggage suitcase of 20kg to share. Please take some warmer clothes too - it can be quite chilly in Kiev." 

One week later
She: "I have packed all my summer clothes . I can't wait!"
Me: "Did you take anything for colder weather?"
She: "No, should I?"

Last night
She: "I can't fit all my clothes in one suitcase!"
Me: "Come on, we are only going for one week. Besides, we have one more suitcase to share, remember?"

Later the same evening
Me: "This sweater is too warm. It's not going to be colder than 15 degrees."
She: "OK, then I'll leave it here. I'll leave these trousers too."

Half-an-hour later
She: "I think I'll take the trousers after all."

Our vacation has started. ;) 

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