Saturday, 22 May 2010


Last night I came home after dancing and settled at my desk determined to make a list for the music guy in Kiev. Last year he supplied me with loads of good music and this year we agreed I'd send him a list beforehand, so he can collect the CDs for me.

At 4:40 in the morning I sent him this: Katie Melua; Сурганова и оркестр; Алексей Архиповский; any salsa, merengue, bachata; Paris Combo; Feist; Tiger Lilies; Gotan Project - Tango 3.0; Club Des Belugas - ZooZizaro; Tanghetto; Federico Aubele; Bonobo; Trentemöller; Parov Stelar; Waldeck; Buscemi; SLow Train Soul; Lovage; Wasabi Lounge; Campari Lounge; Budda Bar; Cafe Paradiso. Plus Putumayo: Acoustic Africa, India, Rhythm and Blues, Latin Jazz, Blues Around the World, Puerto Rico, Celtic Tides, España, Acoustic France, Paris, Italia, Gypsy Groove, Turkish Groove, Rumba Flamenco, Greece: A Musical Odyssey, French Cafe, Italian Cafe, Music from the Wine Lands, Music from the Chocolate Lands, World Groove, A Jewish Odyssey, Music from the Coffee Lands, Latin Groove, Arabic Groove, Latin Party, Salsa!, Tango Around the World, Cafe Cubano, Salsa Around the World, Baila!, Afro-Latin Party, Congo to Cuba, Cuba, Mexico.

I wonder what music I'll bring back from Kiev.

Cheb Mami/ K-Mel - Parisien Du Nord [remix] (no I'm not fixed on Arabic music, I just happen to like this song)

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