Thursday, 6 May 2010


He uses sweet heavy perfumes. I've never thought I'd love being with a man who smells so sweet. I always hope he leaves some of his scent in my bed so I can still fall asleep with him when he is not there. I love to run my fingers over the skin on his back. His skin is darker than mine, it's soft, smooth and very warm. His stomach is a six-pack, when he presses it against my body a warm wave comes over me. I love his strong arms. I love the way he puts his arms around me so tight, one would think I'm going to suffocate. But instead I lose my breath of pleasure. I love how he caresses my body with his big hands. He always pays more attention to anything that's 'wrong' (bruises, spots) asking whether it hurts and stroking the place with his hands as if trying to heal it. I love the way he examines my body with his dark eyes. My body seems to do some sort of magic on him. This keeps on fascinating me. It almost makes me cry every time he pauses to give me a kiss. He kisses my neck, my back or my legs - whatever part of my body is near at that moment. He holds my hands in such a way I can't move them, forcing me to lay still. He pulls my hair preventing my head from moving. He uses his full strength on me, and yet I cannot name many men who made love to me so tenderly...

Longniter feat. Kamala - Pictures Of You

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