Sunday, 2 May 2010


So how does it work with motivation? What mechanism makes us want to do things? And what is it that makes us paralysed to such an extent that we can hardly get a thing done? There seems to be absolutely nothing I would want to do now. There is no joy in writing (you've noticed that already, I guess). There's little motivation to cook. There's no wish to work, search for a job or generate new ideas. I have to force myself to do anything. Doing my nails, cleaning the house, fixing a lamp, even going through the photos to share with friends is a great pain. Reading is no fun, nor is gardening. I even have a dancing dip! I'm not even talking about morning exercises or doing any household projects like painting the ugly leak on the kitchen ceiling.

I do try to get together with friends regularly, but gathering everyone feels so tiring that I can hardly enjoy the event itself. What's wrong with me?! I want to get out of this state of absolute apathy, but I just don´t know how... Any helpful hints?

Kaki King - Everything Has An End, Even Sadness

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  1. I talked to a niece a while ago about the same thing. I told her to think about her ambitions and things she still wanted to achieve in life... But the thing was: she was actually demotivated by the rejections of the application letters she had send, so she had to deal with that first to become motivated again. Is there a reason why you are demotivated?

    Anyway, there are a lot of hits when you google "motivation techniques" ;) Good luck!


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