Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Good old times and quirky flavors

It was nice to meet last night. I’m happy I’ve found them again. Or they found me, I don’t remember anymore. This time only ten of us gathered in front of our old school. All the usual suspects. There was time to catch up with everybody, to consume inhumanly large amounts of food and for some – drinks. Around eleven in the evening we have finished our dinner and were deciding what to do next. “Till what time are you open?” - we asked the waitress. “Till the last client, of course!” That’s the spirit!!!

My friend and I had another visit to the supermarket today. This time we had: cherry juice, cranberries covered in dark chocolate, pickled cucumbers, syrki (the soft sweet chocolate coverd chese), marinated mushrooms, and three small bags of potato crisps flavored as smoked cheese, chanterelles and mushrooms in sour cream. Ukrainians seem to be very creative when it comes to flavors of food products.

We’ve visited almost all compulsory touristic sights so tomorrow is the day for shopping. I hold my breath…

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