Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Cheap and cheaper

I'm still getting used to being in The Hague and not in Kiev: have to think a moment before I say 'Hello' when I enter a shop; surprised every time I hear people speak Dutch or Turkish outside on my street; bicycles; empty house. I've sorted out my new clothes yesterday, but the shoes and the jewellery is still laying around together with all kinds of small things from my suitcase: cosmetics, epilator, bills from all the shops we visited.

I browsed through the bills and found two bills from our last visit to the nearest supermarket. We bought some things to try out (potato crisps with flavours: red caviar, green spring onions and crab; pomegranate and grapes flavoured chewing gum) and some things to take with us. My friend has bought a 250ml bottle of vodka, so it's on the bill too.

Judging from the bill 250ml of vodka is cheaper than any of the following: 100g of black Ceylon tea, 25 bags of rooibos tea, 145g of chocolate bonbons, 150ml of face scrub, an emery board nail file or three packs of chewing gum. What's cheaper than vodka? A pack of cigarettes.

A new piece of jewellery from Kiev

I am determined to invest some time in fixing things in my house next week. Bathroom or kitchen? Vote at the right!

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