Thursday, 13 May 2010

Roads to my heart

Yesterday I had a dinner at a friend´s place. He cooked. Afterwards we went to a big salsa party. I came home around three in the morning and wrote this in my status on FaceBook: "Men who can cook well RULE!" Obviously, the dinner left a deep impression. Guys, if you haven't taken my breath away with your dancing skills, you can take another road to my heart. The one that runs through my stomach.

This morning another friend of mine sent a message in reaction to my profile status: "Men who can cook well AND know how to dance rule more!" He is absolutely right. A man who can cook AND dance well is... well, basically a god! In my head I quickly browsed through my phone list to see how many men can cook and dance. To my surprise I have discovered about a dozen men who fit these criteria. I am surrounded by gods. What a life!!!

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