Monday, 24 May 2010

Day one

We started with two hours of pedicure and manicure in the morning followed by a long city walk. It’s amazing how I can find pleasure in seeing sights I’ve seen so many times before. The city is very familiar and yet so strange to me. I guess that’s the price for abandoning it. Today I suddenly realized that we have such a tough schedule that we might either miss some sights or some shopping venues. Tough choices.

We finished the day off by paying a visit to a supermarket. We ended up buying salted cucumbers, sushki, birch sap, pickled tomatoes, sunflower halva, local marshmallows (zefir), syrki (something like soft sweet cheese covered in chocolate), some tea and chewing gum with blueberries and pomegranate taste (in one).

It’s 22:25 here now and everyone is asleep except for me.


  1. Глазированые сырки рулят !!!


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