Monday, 3 May 2010

Hair chaos

"Are you still red?" "Yes, but the colour is so uninspiring, I'm thinking of something more radical. Bright red for example." "Dye it blue or green." "Why don't you like red? It could look very natural." "I don't know, I would have to see it first." (That's where déjà vu kicks in: I weight sixty kg, that's too much. - I like your body this way. - Yeah, you would also like it if it were eighty. - I don't know, I would have to see it first.)

"Please, for heaven's sake, go to a hairdresser!" I can be very stubborn, but my attempts to dye my hair blond have failed several times. So I did as he suggested - went to the hairdresser. I always go to a Chinese hair salon in the Wagenstraat (where else?!). They proved to be the best. "I want my hair dark blonde." The woman has pointed at a fairly dark brown colour. "Like this?" According to Chinese I am blonde. I forgot that. "OK, I'm sorry, I want my hair light blonde." "Lighter than you are?!" Somehow I always manage to shock them. I want my long hair to be cut short, my temples shaved and now I want to be even blonder than I am!

After three people have examined my hair a long animated discussion in Chinese followed. Finally the woman had set to work, covering my hair with some substance. About forty minutes later I saw the new me in the mirror. Red! "It's not blonde"- I said. And that's when she explained to me that getting my hair as blonde I want would require me to come two more times in the course of several weeks, pay two more times and the whole procedure would completely ruin my hair.

Now I try to decide whether I want to dye my hair back to my natural colour tomorrow. This is the colour:

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