Saturday, 1 May 2010

De Nach

In my attempts to gather the crowd for the Koninginnenach I managed to get a friend to come over from Den Bosch. Den Bosch is not exactly around the corner and there are no night trains. He would be staying at my place for what's left of the night.

After we were done with the concerts:
Me: "I've just talked to my boyfriend. He is dancing at La Bodeguita. I have the wrong shoes for dancing, but let's go there anyway."
Friend:"Is your boyfriend big? I suddenly feel a slight discomfort."
Me: "Don't worry, he is very nice. He knows you'll be staying at my place."
Friend: "Wait, I have to check the night trains schedule."

At 5 a.m. after we made the beds and settled for the 'night':
Boyfriend: "How long do you know this guy?"
Me: "Not very long. We met in Brussels. But we chat often. Why?"
Boyfriend: "Well, I hope he is not a serial killer."

The morning after:
Boyfriend: "Did you sleep well?"
Friend: "Yes, but I have a headache. It's her fault, she gave me that Rigas Balzams."
Boyfriend: "Headache? This will give her something to blog about."
Friend: "Hey, I have a blog too."If she blogs about me, I'll blog back!"

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  1. I kept my word :-) :-) :-)

    Thanks for the good care and greet your boyfriend and thank him was so kind to drop me off at the station :-)


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