Saturday, 29 May 2010

Killer heels

Our shopping marathon is over. Today we went to a huge shopping centre on the other side of the city and spent eight hours checking out every single shop (skipping the ones we know from the Netherlands). I managed to spend much more money than I had. In exchange I’ve got some really nice little t-shirts and some really cool designer wear. Pictures? Well, maybe later. ;)

Our special mission was to buy shoes. Challenging! Seriously –
there’s no way I’m going to walk around in shoes with 12cm heels. Which seems to be the minimum height of the heels here. My feet hurt now because I’ve seen too many of those shoes today. And if the heels are lower, then the shoes are probably decorated with gold coloured metal findings and a lot of strass. I did manage to buy three pairs of shoes nevertheless. Nothing extraordinary this time, though.

Tomorrow is the first of the two Days of Kiev and we are going on a jewellery hunt at the artists market on Andriyivsky uzviz. That’s culture and doesn’t count as shopping!


  1. You need professional help ;-)

  2. I don't need any help when it comes to buying jewellery! ;-)


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