Monday, 24 May 2010


We had one hour at Dortmund railway station before the next bus to the airport would leave. We settled at the McDonalds – there was no other place to sit down anywhere near the station.
“Could I have a BigMac meal with salad and a Fanta, please?”
“That’s a lunch meal, we start serving them from 11:30.”
“Could I have a BigMac meal now?”
“Please come back in three minutes.”

Checking in at the airport was a pain in the ass because the woman at the check-in desk had made us repack our bags three times distributing the weight in such a way that there would be no more than 10kg weight in each bag. One bag had 10kg and 200gr and that had to be repacked again! We had about 1,5kg overweight in total and didn’t manage to hide it, so ended up paying thirty euro for an extra luggage place.


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  1. cheap flight?
    Perhaps the woman was at least 200gr overweight?


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