Friday, 30 April 2010


Men like mysterious women. I've heard this many times, also directly from the source - men I know personally. For some time I was trying to figure out what men perceive as mysterious so I could apply this knowledge, but gave up very soon. It appeared  I get enough male attention already just the way I am. No need to become (more) mysterious.

Do women like mysterious men? Some might, but I think they are an absolute minority. I belong to the majority of women who think men are simple creatures. And I'd rather keep it that way.  All a man needs is beer, meat and sex. In any given order. When a man becomes mystery, I become nervous. Having plans for the weekend and saying "There's an issue I need to fix"- many question marks in my head. Willingly sharing his experiences from the past one time and avoiding talking about past the next time - very strange.

"There's something I have to tell you."
"I have a son."
"Why on Earth haven't you told me before?! Oh, you know what, never mind..."

Caro Emerald live during the Koninginennach was worth the trouble. That Man!

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