Tuesday, 22 September 2009


I need to watch more TV. I never watch TV and cannot participate in many everyday social talks because I haven’t seen a show or don’t know what music is played in commercials. One can argue that as long as I read good literature, listen to good music, go to museums, etc... Well, lets face it, TV is a part of contemporary culture that cannot be replaced by literature and art. Moreover, you cannot always talk about serious subjects. TV offers easy entertainment and light topics to talk about at the lunch table. And after all one should be able to converse with people who don’t read books or go to museums. Thus I need to watch more TV.

The problem is – I don’t have the patience to watch TV. I have to sit in front of it and watch whatever is on. There is of course a choice, but at every moment in time still very limited. To make sure I see something I actually find interesting I would need to look it up beforehand and actually keep track of time to make sure I don’t miss it. Pfffff!!! I get tired just by the idea of it all. How do you do it? Any tips? Please?!

Ukrainian overkill: from left to right Natasha, me, Tania


  1. I suggest you watch every day "the wereld draait door" ned. 3 19.30 - 20.21uur. That's enough for your social talks ;-)
    (and tonight I'll watch also Stayin'alive in Jo'burg, ned 2 22.55uur...)

  2. I just turn on the TV on my favorite channel and sit with my laptop on the couch while I'm eating my dinner. After a while I switch to another channel with a book and still my laptop with me.

    I suggest you learn how to multitask.

  3. @Aadt Thanks, I might try this.

    a)I don't have a laptop
    b)Dinner takes 15 minutes to eat. In this time I don't even manage to find something worth watching.

    Multitasking (or time for that matter) is not a problem. The problem is that I never feel like watching TV.

  4. if it aint itchy i wouldn't bother scratching.. we have some 700 channels of something or other... if i let beth keep the remote wed probably never get off tcm xcept for stewart and colbert.. she has a crush on colbert

    when i was a kid id scan the tv guide for hours looking for old movies cos thats the only way u cld ever see em..

    when it became a matter of just plugging them in the joy of acquisition seriously deteriorated....q bossa

  5. Thanks God I don't have access to 700 channels! Browsing through 20 is already too much of an effort. ;)


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