Wednesday, 2 September 2009


We cannot have the numbers generated the same way as before anymore because we have decided to use new colour codes. If we want the colour to be visible in the number, we will have to change our numbering system. This means we will have to apply new numbers to the thousands of articles we have in stock here and in showrooms. We don’t want that. We can use old numbers and use the seven-digit number that doesn’t contain any information on the colour. In this way we won’t have to put new stickers on the current stock. We have to get used to the thought that number doesn’t contain any information about the article except for the main group it belongs to. But if there is no colour indication in the number, and every article in a different colour gets a new number, how do we know which articles have the same design in different colours? This is important to know to be able to suggest different colours to the client. We haven’t thought of this yet. We need to integrate this in the new system. Besides, the main group numbers now contain information on the kind of article as well as the material it’s made of. But we have decided to split this information in the system (which is rather obvious). How are we going to automatically generate the numbers? I LOVE puzzles. In our project meeting today we’ve spent at least one hour trying to solve this problem. And just when we thought we found the solution, two new problems popped up. I love my job!!! (I mean it – I really enjoy working on this project.)

It’s amazing how a message about James Ensor exhibition could cause such a discussion about sex! And how that discussion could get so out of hand and end up in Arnon Grunberg and me discussing having sex with each other! I’ll have to be more alert next time I post a comment on his blog.

Timeline: 1990 - a great film by Georgi Daneliya – Pasport


  1. Don't you have programmers or system managers to think about these kind of problems? Automatic generation of numbers and linking tables is quite common practice in database programming. It's like you're trying to reinvent the wheel now, but that's okay as long as you love doing it.

    Grunberg is a rock star. Love him or hate him.

  2. haha, it's a small company, so there is one consultant for roughly anything SAP related. Besides, the whole point is that we first have to deside how we want it to be before a linking table can be made. No wheel reinvention.

    So, I can imagine you LOVE Grunberg?

  3. Imagine anything you want. I actually hate him, but I just wanted to say, he knows how to entertain.

  4. i love this blog.. im trying to interest grunberg into talking up a movie about marcet and emanuel haldeman julius because theirs an authentic tale of the heartland of my land such as dont adequately get told by coasties and the heartland a dark tangled place unwisely ignored.. quin aka bossa screwanova


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