Thursday, 17 September 2009

Café Kiev impressions

I finally managed to get some sound and pictures from Café Kiev last Saturday. The most memorable moments are not available in pictures, but I can give you some impressions of the talk-show and the speed date where Tania and Natasha made the guys’ first acquaintance. The photos by Rene den Engelsman and Moon Saris are a courtesy of Theater in beeld.

Café Kiev

Arnon reading a piece about his “dating” experience in Ukraine.

Talk-show (in case you didn’t recognise me – I sit next to Arnon)

This guy looks very enthusiast on the picture, but he didn’t play the dating game. Probably didn’t like the girls. ;) I don’t remember his name (something starting with an “R”, obviously)

Wouter – one of the two winners. I was very impressed by his performance during the game!

Aurel (did I spell this right?) – not a serious contestant. He participated for fun or out of solidarity with Arnon. His wife and kid where watching him from the audience.

Alex – the other winner – is trying to shake Tania’s hand. This is his first experience of cultural differences with Ukrainian women. Russian and Ukrainian women don’t shake hands. Never. They don’t know how to do it. All they can do is hold your hand. You can see it on the photo.

What is he telling her?
Find John in this picture and I will make you an apple pie!

The rise and fall of Bandi

Oog op morgen from 12 September. The fragment about Café Kiev is called “De minuut”. It starts on 00:09:55 of this sound clip and lasts exactly one minute.


  1. you should have asked "where to find John" in Wouter's picture. That was much more of a challenge :-)

  2. Too much challenge and there will be no one to bake a pie for! ;)

  3. Ukrainian girl who shakes hands26 September 2009 at 23:13

    ".. Ukrainian women don’t shake hands. Never. They don’t know how to do it."
    This is so not true. Indeed, some women - who adopt traditional roles, have "female" jobs or do speed dating with foreigners - don't shake hands.
    But for others - emancipated women that work in business or public sphere - shaking hands is nothing unusual.

  4. Haha, ok :) 12 years ago shaking hands for women was still highly irregular. I might have missed the development. But whenever I try to shake a woman's hand in Ukraine I get a hand with an implicit permission to hold it instead of a handshake :) Anyway, Tania obviously doesn't shake hands very often ;)

  5. Ukrainian girl who shakes hands28 September 2009 at 17:44

    Well, yeah, that's probably a discouraging experience :)). I think that you are right - many women still do find it weird to shake hands with other women.. I guess this will change soon as well..

  6. Just for the record: I don't think not shaking hands is wrong, it's just very different from the way people do it in the Netherlands. I love differences. :)


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