Thursday, 24 September 2009

Thymus and pole dancing

I went to a trial pole dancing lesson tonight. I told an ex of mine I was going. “Pole dancing, wow! But isn’t it hard and tiring?” There is only one dance school in The Hague that offers a pole dancing course. And it’s situated at the end of the world (in terms of The Hague) – about 30 minutes by bike. The closer to the school I came the less inspiration I had to take the lessons. I was late because I got lost a couple of times. When I walked into the room full of girls aged between 17 and 25 I felt rather disappointed. What are the odds of finding a friend among them? The fact that there were only two poles and you constantly have to stand in line waiting before you can try a move didn’t help. I watched it all for some 20 minutes and left. No pole dancing for me. I had another ex on the phone when I came home. “You were going to do what?! Yeah, it’s like acrobatics, but then with a pole and without clothes! Just stick to ballroom, will you?” He made it sound so ridiculous, I’m glad I didn’t talk to him before I went.

I talked to my mother tonight and she said one of the neighbour girls is seriously ill. She is 19 years old. There is something wrong with her thymus. According to my mother it’s similar (or the same) to what my sister Lena had died of. Apparently it’s treatable, but they’d discovered it too late in Lena’s case. When Lena died I was too young to really understand what her medical condition was. And afterwards we never talked about it. I cannot ask my mother because it makes her upset. But I feel such a strong need to know. I’ll be surfing the net on this topic.

This is the beginning and the end of the short children’s evening programme “Spokojnoj nochi, malyshi” (which literally means “Goodnight, kids”). I used to sing this song to Lena to make her sleep.


  1. You should have a pole in your living room, then it's really great fun to work out. I think that in classes you'll really only meet insecure girls who want to learn how to make men crazy and that's a bit sad I think.

  2. Oh no, Jo, the girls seemed perfectly fine. They all had fun and I didn't get a sad impression at all. Some of them need to learn to be free in their body and pole dancing is perfect for that. I don't think it's all about men :)

  3. hi, just came across this, and i would like to know where in the Hague the pole dancing school is, i'd like to attend...

  4. @Anonimous I had a lesson from Salseros (, but their link to pole dancing is broken. Release Academy in Zoetermeer has pole dancing lessons too. Good luck!


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