Friday, 18 September 2009

English Surgeon

A friend texted tonight: “Ned2 beautiful film”. I switched on the TV. It’s a documentary called “The English Surgeon” (director Geoffrey Smith) about a brain surgeon Henry Marsh who comes to Ukraine and gives free consultations and surgeries to people with brain tumours. I cried my way through the film.

Henry Marsh is an extraordinary man, I would love to meet him one day. Just for the sake of one short conversation...


  1. you know before today the boxes funny interesting and awesome had appeared only in dutch
    i had wondered what they were
    i havent maybe looked hard enough yet but i havent seen any hot table tennis disco pics

  2. I know, I finally figured out how to change the text. ;)

    Unfortunately I cannot find anyone who has any pictures of the dating game or the table tennis. The latter was happenning quite late and was not really spectacular to make photos of.

  3. Why did you cry through the film?

  4. Because it Henry Marsh has to deal with life and death and the film doesn't romanticise it at all.


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