Friday, 4 September 2009

Single men wanted!

Single men are wanted for Café Kiev on 12 September 2009. Café Kiev (a project of Arnon Grunberg) is part of the festival Uitfeest in Utrecht. There will be a talk show about immigration politics and mail-order brides. I’ll be there on behalf of SPS N-O. In the afternoon there is a dating game for men who are interested in marrying one of the two ladies from Ukraine. Mr. Grunberg personally selected them from hundreds of women he’d met during his trip to Ukraine in search of a Ukrainian bride. The competition for the heart of these ladies will consist of a quiz, a love letter writing contest and a dancing skills check. Maybe something else, you never know with Grunberg. Single men who are interested in entering the competition can apply by e-mail to the Uitfeest organisation ( or to me (, I will forward your application to the organisation).

There are two things you should take into account while making your decision whether or not to participate:
1) It’s an art project. You will not have to actually marry the girl if you win. You don’t even have to be single, just make sure your partner is ok with this.
2) There will be no TV cameras around, don’t worry.

Consider applying with a group of friends or colleagues – this is a perfect team building event. Also very suitable for bachelor parties!

More information on Café Kiev is available here and here.

The prizes:

Please forward this information to anyone who you think could be interested. Thanks a lot!

P.S. I’ve spent four hours in a ‘swimming paradise’ today!


  1. Again no time-line ;)

    Looking at the prizes ... I think I have a previous appointment :)

  2. Oh, let's be honest - you like the girls, but you just can't dance!

  3. I think a honest reaction you will moderate :)


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