Friday, 18 September 2009


“So, how’s life? You too are arnonised?” I had to laugh at the term ‘arnonised’. (He said ‘gearnoniseerd’.) Am I? I checked which keywords I use on my blog most often to see whether there is a reason to worry. I used most keywords on my blog only once, some twice. Every once in a while there is keyword used three times. There are only nine keywords that I use more often.

Here’s the top 5 of my obsessions:
Apparently I’m really obsessed with ‘dancing’ (dûh!) – I used this keyword in my posts 15 times! Dancing is not surprisingly being followed by ‘Kiev’ – 12 times. ‘Ukraine’, ‘Moscow’ and ‘Odessa’ share the third place in the chart - used 7 times. ‘Shopping’ – was used only 6 times. ‘Arnon Grunberg’, ‘job interviews’ and ‘Saratov’ share the fifth place – I used these keywords 5 times each.

Well, I think I’m ok. No need to worry as long as I talk more about shopping than about Arnon Grunberg. :)


  1. well evrybody knows about russian girls n dancing i'll tell you a st ambroeus story: the forstmann bros were big deals in new york money n one may be still but the other one died n the one who died had a woman to fall on the floor and die for she was something else and smooth shed address her kids in french her guest in germman n acquavella in cool accentless english suggesting alluringly that acquavella shouldn't be a pig (leaving acquavella snorting in piggy pleasure) this girl was fine

    over years i heard any number of times that shed been a stripper (cos then when the beautiful russian stripper thing was newly exploding in us) that was the story related at lots of tables in manhattan forsttman got himself a beautiful russian stripper n some beautiful stripper children all dolled up for the class war on the upper east

    the story was completely untrue she was sorta russian but her people been in the hamptons since the revolution is the truth i came to believe n i also think she started that stripper story herself

    forstman had a brain tumour n he shaved his head to match the new fashion n then he passed n idk what haappened to her

    arnon might i suspect shes still sorta eyecatching

    since you use capitals i dont think 'arnonized'
    should ever be hazarded with the small a - i cant quite remember but i dont think that ever works <3 quin

  2. Quin, thanks for taking the time and writing this story here. I do, however, have a hard time understanding what it is about. I will try reading it several times. Maybe i will understand it better then.

    Do you suggest 'arnonised' should be written with a capital 'A'?


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