Saturday, 5 September 2009


My mother and I had a long conversation today. There were some good news to share from both sides. We went on discussing different things and I told her about my conclusion that sex reveals the true intentions of your partner. She agreed, we talked about this and some other things a little more and then she left to have dinner with my father. I thought how lucky I am to have such an open relationship with my parents where there is so much trust and everything can be discussed.

I have more contact with my mother, but when my parents were visiting me in July I suddenly noticed how much I resemble my father. Several times I caught myself walking, talking or doing things exactly the same way my father does. I was very amused. I thought I was supposed to become more and more like my mother. I was discussing this with a friend just yesterday. He said he was becoming more and more like his father and his wife resembles her mother more and more. Maybe later I will move in the direction of my mother. There are many things about my mother I don’t really like. I hope I won’t start behaving like her in every aspect.

Timeline: 1991 – there are many school exchanges at my school. Children from the USA and Germany are frequent guests. Children from our school get to travel. I get involved in one of those exchanges. We get an American girl, Heather, at our for two weeks. Her Russian was unbelievably good!

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