Wednesday, 16 September 2009


When I was a kid and did not decide about my haircut (this lasted quite long), my mother would always make sure my hair was cut very short. “Like a boy” – she would tell the hairdresser. When I turned thirteen, I started growing my hair. I had long hair for some five years before I cut it quite short again. From then on I was changing the length of my hair every two or three years. But it took many years (until I was about thirty years old!) before I cut my hair VERY short again. The effect was very surprising. People didn’t recognise me and when they did, they would say: “Oh, what happened to your wonderful hair? You look very good, though!”

My hair reflects my character very well. I am never satisfied with what I’ve reached. Once I get what I want, I need to move on immediately. When my hair is short I feel like growing it very long, but I never have the patience to let it grow really long – I change my mind and cut it anyway. Half-a-year ago I cut my hair very short again. And what surprised me the most is that during this half a year I’ve been to the hairdresser two more times for an even shorter haircut. I was not ready to grow my hair! Apparently I needed a stop. And now I’m in doubt. I can’t decide whether I should cut my hair again (in two weeks or so) or let it grow.

HELP! Please fill in the poll on the right side of this blog and help me decide what to do with my hair this time. Just for your reference, here’s long haired me several years ago.

Please note: if I don't cut my hair, it will become longer, but I will not become younger!


  1. Let it grow Sasha, long hair suits you so well :-) The first time I saw you at the EJC, I thought you were strikingly beautiful and I loved the way you wore your hair in a pony tail :-)

  2. :) Thank you Sueli! You are so sweet :)

  3. I don't know if my opinion matters but long hair is much nicer :)

  4. I would suggest you to let it grow. IMHO, your hair looks beautiful and I see no reason to hide it. And I think one voting option is missing: "Yes, but I love you anyway" :)


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