Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Last May I was in Kiev and tried to see as many friends as possible. I tried to fit as many appointments in a day as possible. Usually it would go like this: “Let’s meet tomorrow around three.” “Sure!” “Please, call me tomorrow morning.” Tomorrow morning we would shift the appointment from three to eleven or five. And then I would call someone else to meet at three. In Kiev you plan today for today. My friends were laughing at me, because I have a diary where I note my appointments even when I’m on vacation. They use diaries to mark birthdays of everyone they know.

In the Netherlands there are as many diaries as there are bicycles. More than people. My front yard needs some tiding up. Last Friday I was trying to pick a day to do that with three kids from the neighbourhood. “I have to work Monday through Wednesday and I will be too tired to do this after work. Let’s do it on Thursday. 17:00?” “No then I have my swimming lesson. It ends at six and we’ll be home around seven.” “Ok, let’s do it at half past three.” “No, It’s my choir day. I’ll be at school till five.” “Ok, what about Friday five o’clock?” “No, that’s my swimming day.” “Half past three?” “All right.”

And today I was talking to a girlfriend of mine. “Can you organise an evening for Russian speaking girls? I will bring some music, we will have some girly talk and cry together.” “Sure. I am I a little busy with Oekraïnedag now, but after 17 October...” “Oh, no. October is bad. It will be too busy. And I will have to travel to India and China in November.” “OK, I will pick a Friday night in December.” “Oh, yes! December would be perfect!”

Сурганова и оркестр – Я теряю тебя

Timeline: I don’t want to go on with timeline anymore. I hardly ever enjoy writing that part of my posts. Sometimes it’s difficult to deal with my past. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember something worth writing about. Very often I just feel timeline doesn’t fit the topic. As of today there will be no daily timeline. Complain in the comments.


  1. No more timeline? :'( Noooooo!!!!!!
    But I think I do understand your points, so I guess I can live with that. I don't know where you find the inspiration to blog every day anyway.

    Don't you mean agenda instead of diary? I do believe dutch people are too busy with work and making plans instead of enjoying life.

    How do you organize these meetings? Do you have so many contacts or do you hire someone to contact all russian speaking girls?

  2. agenda noun
    • a list of matters to be discussed at a meeting
    There were several important items on the agenda.
    The question of security is high on the agenda for this afternoon's meeting.
    • a list of aims or possible future achievements
    Women's rights have been put back on the agenda (= are being discussed publicly again).
    The subject of safety must be placed high on/at the top of the agenda (= must be discussed because it is very important).
    Education was placed firmly on the political agenda in the Prime Minister's weekend speech.

    diary noun
    a book with a separate space or page for each day, in which you write down your future arrangements, meetings, etc., or one used to record your thoughts and feelings or what has happened on that day
    Don't forget to write/enter the date of the meeting in your diary.
    I've never kept (= written about what has happened to me in) a diary.


    Oke, the fact that I can explain the difference means I have a to big a need for the use of a Personal Organizer myself ... sometiems I want to get away from the need to plan weeks, sometimes months before to meet with friends and sometimes even just people I need in work..

  3. @Jeroen
    You seem to use the same dictionary as I do ;)

    there will be only four of us, so no need to hire someone. I will cook, we will eat, chat, listen to music and possibly cry :)

  4. i think i left comment here sometime twas et cos ive beeen suffering through internet explorer 8 cos i wasnt paying sufficient attention when they stuck me with it beware

    the past is always jarring and incongruous but i liked the timeline.. bossa screwanova


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