Friday, 11 September 2009

Goed Nederlands

Today I received a compliment about my Dutch. “How long have you lived in the Netherlands? Your Dutch is so good!” Well, after twelve years in China my Chinese would probably be quite ok too. I still have quite a strong accent. Actually, NOT getting compliments about my Dutch would be the best compliment. I wish my Dutch was as good as her English:

Timeline: October 1991 – I was still lucky to go to ‘kolkhoz’ in my first year of university. There was this a bit strange tradition to send all first year students of universities to different collective farms to help. We had to cut the leaves off the beets and put the beets in large containers. I am not sure we were of much help there, but we definitely did have fun! I don’t think any students went to kolkhoz in 1992 or later.

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