Sunday, 13 September 2009


Tanusha you stole my heart
i love you
please send me an mail

Poor Bandi hasn’t even reached the second round of the competition in the Dating Game at Café Kiev. He wasn’t the one who couldn’t name the official capital of Ukraine, was he? Anyway, I’m afraid he doesn’t have much chance on Tania contacting him any time soon. She and Wouter seemed to be really happy with each other. The girls got extremely lucky yesterday. The winners were two very good looking and quite sensitive friends – Wouter and Alex. Wouter has won a date with Tania, Alex – with Natasha. I was truing to seduce Alex during the game, and I think I almost did. But he did not use the possibility to leave the competition before it was over. That would have been very wrong. I think Natasha would have been really upset. Now both girls are happy and the guys seemed to enjoy their victory too. I wonder whether these dates will grow over in serious relationships. I think after the talk-show the guys do have an idea about what to expect when you get a foreign partner.

The talk-show preceded the dating game. I liked the way Arnon prepared the show. Everyone got approximately the same time to talk. All questions together covered the topic very well. It wasn’t boring or too complicated. And there were quite some questions from the audience. Loads of compliments to Arnon!!!

The most memorable moments of the day:
1. Sander in his pink glitter suit! (Please, anyone, pictures!!!!!!)
2. Wouter in the “barkrukken” race with the beer coming out of his nose and mouth + his spectacular fall.
3. Disco dance contest (I was dancing and the contestants had to copy me).
4. Me drinking from a vodka bottle on the stage after Alex and Wouter were selected as winners by the girls. (There was no vodka in the bottle, just water.)

Oh, I forgot to tell you: I was helping Sander to present the dating show. After I announced Café Kiev I got a dozen suggestions that I should participate along with Tania and Natasha. Me presenting the show was a good compromise. ;) I was wearing my daring top and a bright pink boa. When I was cold (the daring top hardly covers any skin) I put a fur coat on.

My inspiration for the disco dancing contest:

There is one thing that I need to get off my chest: Alex, I really like you! And I don’t care about your car, I was just doing my “job”.


  1. You certainly looked wonderful. It was great fun. I hope some pictures emerge.

    Do you still want Alex?

    Let's do it again some time soon.


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