Sunday, 27 September 2009


No Settlers of Catan for a change. Today we played another game. I liked it a lot, but I forgot the name. I will check it with Kim and let you know tomorrow. It took ages to play and at the end everybody had 40 points except for Bas who won with 43 points. Tough! After that I was teaching my guests to play a very popular Russian card game named ‘Durak’. It surprises me that Jeroen didn’t know the game after spending so much time in and around Ukraine. The aim of the game is not winning. It’s not losing that’s important. The one who loses is called durak. Apparently the game differs too much from what Dutch are used to do with cards, aside from the fact that it’s played with a deck of 36. The rules are quite simple, but it took two or three times trial playing before Bas and Jeroen understood them. Kim was clearly too tired because she still doesn’t understand the rules. This is highly irregular! I think everybody has been durak at least once today and we agreed to continue practicing.

I have finally received my Le-Clochard and Le-Trottoir bed linen – YAY! So now I can “sleep under a cardboard box so a homeless young person doesn’t have to”. Although this was not the reason I bought it. I just love the design. According to the sleep facts on the website of Snurk men are more often in a bad mood in the morning than women are. Nearly a quarter of all men aren’t fit to talk to in the morning. Young people in particular seem to be grumpy in the morning. Am I young or manly? Anyway, I’m off to see how comfortable sleeping on the street under a cardboard is.

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  1. Well, not playing a game for a long time does make you forget the fine details of a game. After the first few minutes, though :)

    It not about knowing, but its about the style and type of game... The number of cards, the order of playing, etc :) But .. now I won't forget for a while :P


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