Thursday, 10 September 2009


<-- I’ve received this in my post today. It’s amazing how much information one can fit on a half A5 page (is it A6?).

The more I read the paper the more I discover. It’s been a source of instant joy for me today. Just think about it: this man can make my headaches disappear in just 30 minutes! There's one thing that bothers me: what if he mixes up his operations with the hand (or my body misinterprets the signals) and my breasts disappear? There is no breasts enlargement on the list... Help in relationships: getting your boyfriend or girlfriend back 100%! Should I give it a try? What if he returns a wrong boyfriend? :-o

Next time I have a headache I’ll call him between 22:00 and 23:00 for a free healing. And I am seriously considering becoming his “free pupil”. I think he can turn me into a witch!

Timeline: 24 August 1991 Ukraine becomes independent. The chaos was already so big I didn’t even notice that. Nice time to leave school and start your grown-up life...


  1. Have you seen Lord Of War? It will probably make you think only more negative about Ukraine.

    (That's a really bad attempt to make someone feel good again about their past.)

  2. I don't feel negative neither about Ukraine nor about my past. And no, I haven't seen Lord Of War. Is it any good?

  3. I like it. I know most people don't.

    Trailer =>

  4. Om je de waarheid te zeggen: dat denk ik ook wel eens. En ik hoop het ook trouwens. Want anders was het wel heel erg zinloos allemaal.

    para astro


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