Sunday, 28 June 2009

The most beautiful woman

There’s always a first time for everything. Last night I’ve had a man playing guitar especially for me. I was touched, also because he played a piece he wrote himself. And the music was so incredibly beautiful! It still makes me silent when I think back. I was crying…

The man who takes care of the toilets at Haarlem railway station: “You are so beautiful! I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman before! I’m telling the truth!” I was half naked, wearing my very daring top. That has most probably contributed to the man’s experience of my beauty. ;) I was not planning to put that top on tonight. I had a nice pink linen dress on when Remie came and made me change! My right foot is slightly injured by the heels of other women again.

I am planning to attend Parkpop tomorrow for the first time. Let’s hope the rain will hold until the end of the festival.

Trivia: I was 13 years old when a man (someone who was just passing by) told me I was beautiful.

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