Tuesday, 23 June 2009


I promised to come back on the article I got from Fabio: What Ever Happened to the Vikings? It’s definitely fun to read. It gives some insight on emancipation process in Scandinavia. Which is as far as I can see is not at all similar to that in the Netherlands. If we are to believe Elizabeth Debold, emancipation in Scandinavia has turned out to be demasculisation. I find it very strange that instead of creating an environment where women would be able to do the same things as men (if they wanted to) they give a negative notation to everything that men do. How would that help women? Anyway, I don’t see any strange expression in men’s eyes here in the Netherlands. Men do not seem to be very traumatised by emancipation process here. Which can mean two things: either we are doing the right thing or emancipation doesn’t work here. So which is it?

Some more nostalgia:
Trivia: I consider myself an emancipated woman.

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