Saturday, 13 June 2009

Alone on the street – not good

My pain body is gone. Evaporated. So is the headache that’s been bugging me for the past two days. Dancing has once again proved to be an excellent painkiller. And the person who invented merengue should get the Nobel price! I’ve had a chance to freshen up my Italian too!

At 2:15 I was biking home and noticed, that besides the non-working lights my bicycle makes irregular clapping sounds somewhere at the back wheel. I hope it does not decide to fall apart any time soon! (I also hope that for my computer because then I’m really screwed.) The streets were empty, but halfway home I met an Indian man walking on the street. “Hey, you, alone on the street – it’s not good” he said.

Tomorrow (or actually later today) I am going to a salsa party on the train station in Haarlem. I’ve managed to gather a little crowd, so it will definitely be fun. And now I have to give my feet a little bath if I want them to work for me tomorrow.

Oro Solido - Abusadora

Trivia: I had a very advanced course of Italian language in 1995-96, but forgot most of it because I had no chance to practice.

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