Sunday, 21 June 2009


12:20 I need these trousers steam cleaned and these shortened. I have these as well. You shortened them two weeks ago, but now they are not the way they are supposed to be. Could you please fix this? Wednesday is fine, thanks!
12:50 I have bought these shoes here a month ago. I have worn them no more than five times and they are already broken. Yes, that would be nice. Thank you so much!
13:05 Is this suitable for eyes too? What should I use for my eyes then? Thanks.
13:25 Do you have this bra in 80A? Yes, thank you. Do you have it in other colours as well? No, 65 is too small. I am skinny, but not THAT skinny.
13:55 Do you also have male dancing shoes? Black. One moment, I have to check. 44. No, He probably won’t like those. Do you have these in 44? Could you put them aside till 17:00? Thanks!
14:55 May I pay with a credit card? Oh, no! I forgot the code. Let’s try this card. Yeah, It’s broken, I need to have it replaced. And this one? Not enough money… Could you put this aside for me while I’m getting the money? Yes, till 17:00. Thanks!
15:15 Do you have a Bonuscard?
16:00 Hi, I would like to pay for my bag full of underwear.
Oh, we have already put all your things back in the shop. I didn’t expect you to come anymore. I am so sorry!
16:30 I didn’t feel like trying all these bras on again. Can I bring them back if they don’t fit? Yes, within 30 days with the tags still attached to them.

I had a “nap” from 18:00 till 21:45. When I woke up, I realised I still had to cook, eat, shower and wash my hair, iron my trousers, dress up and put make-up on. And that all had to be done before 22:45 when Remie would pick me up to go to Chicoleo. Well, Remie had to wait for 30 minutes. :-|

Trivia: I really have to push myself and set aside all practical reasons to buy underwear in other colours than black or white.

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