Saturday, 20 June 2009


I know you must be sick of my salsa obsession by now, but I really need to confess. I might be seriously addicted! I wasn’t going to stay long tonight. I was really tired (lack of sleep) and wanted to chat with a friend tonight. So I was determined to be home by 23:00 the latest. It didn’t work. I was home by 1:00 and that’s only because most of my salsa friends were leaving. My feet hurt slightly and I missed the friend I wanted to chat with. I will call my friend tomorrow and now I have to do some feet repair for Chicoleo tomorrow.

Today a truck fell over on the highway between Utrecht and Den Bosch. There was a huge traffic jam on that side of the road. It lasted at least half a day. I can understand that. Not many cars could pass while they were working on cleaning up the mess and moving the truck away. But there also was a traffic jam on the other side of the road. Because people were slowing down to watch! People seem to loose their mind when they get in the driver’s seat…

Fabio has sent me the link to a very interesting article on emancipation: What Ever Happened to the Vikings? I am only halfway through, but it’s fun to read. I will comment on it tomorrow.

Trivia: I have a driver’s licence in my wallet since May 15, 2007.

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