Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Burnt by the sun

I’ve been to the beach today! The first clouds appeared as soon as I left home. It was not too warm and sometimes even a little too chilly for a bikini, but I enjoyed it. I had a two-hour walk along the water. By the time I was back to the place where I left my bike, the sun was completely gone. Nevertheless, it looks like I still managed to burn my shoulders. :-(

I am determined to go to bed early today. Not later than 24:00! I just want to have a day at work without unbearable suffering from a terrible lack of sleep.

I have forgotten a friend’s birthday yesterday and when I congratulated him today (Sorry! Too late!) he said he did not celebrate his birthday in any way. Which reminds me: I don’t have any plans for my birthday either. Usually I would spend this day with my partner and my parents if they are (or I am) around. But now I don’t have a partner and my parents won’t be around. I wouldn’t like my birthday to pass completely unnoticed. Well, my life’s changing so fast, who knows…

Trivia: I burnt my shoulders so that they pealed only once. It was in 1994 in Israel.

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